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I&E Programme Overview

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School allows Manufacturing PhD students to gain and develop the skills and capabilities needed to valorize their expertise and research into the market.
It is organized along two years and in two tracks:
- Awareness & Orientation Track
- Business Creation track

Awareness and Orientation track

The version of the I&E Program that is called “Awareness and orientation track” is meant for PhD students that haven’t yet the intention to start an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project in the short term, but want to learn what steps should be taken, in order to be able to use that knowledge in the future.

Business Creation track

The version of the I&E Program that is called “Business Creation track” is meant for those PhD students that want to valorize knowledge, research findings, and related market insights, ready to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Track structure

Each track consists of two one-year programs: In year 1 the participant starts with learning “How to develop a business idea”, and in year 2 the participant continues exploring “How to validate a business idea and how to prepare for a launch”. For more info about the programme you can download the brochures at the following link: www.eitmanufacturing.eu/what-we-do/education/education-programmes/empower-programme/pioneering-learning-journeys/ie-programmes/

You will be offered a toolbox and methodologies to be applied directly on a
real business project that has been developed or is going to be developed along the program. You will be immerged into an international and vibrant community and you will travels in different locations across Europe for the on site activities!

Participation fees

Participation fees to this programme are:
- General fee= 2000€ per year
- Special fee for EITM partners=1500€ per year
- Special fee for RIS & women= 1000€ per year
- Free for EITM Doctoral School students, attending the whole 60 ECTS programme (mobility + I&E programme)

Fee can be paid either by the applicant or by a sponsor, such as applicant university, company, etc.

Programme structure

The I&E programme activities go from April to December, with a welcome in March 2023, if you want to taste and explore the programme.
It is delivered in blended mode: with on line activities along the year and 3 on site events:

  • Welcome Ceremony: 23-29 March 2023
  • Summer School: Summer 2023, dates under definition
  • Winter School: 10 November – 1 December 2023

On line entrepreneurship sessions will be taught in a 2-hours format and can be preceded by some resources that have to be studied before (flipped classroom). Then, after ‘class’, your instructor will give you an action plan in which you apply the learning objectives on your entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial manufacturing project and reflecting how they could valorize in one way their research project in the future.
Q&A session will be available for Awareness and Orientation track students
Mentoring sessions will be available, after fulfilment of homework duties, for Business Creation track students.
On line innovation sessions are 2 days hands on courses in collaboration with universities, manufacturing and social companies and start-ups to give you the best knowledge within the sector.

For the full calendar (dates under update) please consult the dedicated brochure available at the EITM website: www.eitmanufacturing.eu/what-we-do/education/education-programmes/empower-programme/pioneering-learning-journeys/ie-programmes/

Career opportunities

This programme will boost your Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial competences allowing you to pre-launch your venture business or company spin-off

Apply now! Year 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 May 2023
Apply now! Year 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
1 May 2023
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