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EIT Manufacturing Doctoral Summer School 2023

Tuition fee €800 one-time

General fee: 800 €
Students from EITM partner universities: 500 €
Women and students from RIS countries: 500 €

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If you are a PhD researcher and you want to boost your abilities and competencies in Smart Manufacturing, this event provides current or prospective PhD students with the necessary skills, practical know-how, attitudes and values to meet the complex demands found in the industry 4.0 environment. The EITM Doctoral Summer School will be the opportunity for self-driven, ambitious PhD candidates to broaden their network with potential European partners and to boost their abilities and competencies in advanced tools for the design, implementation, organization, quality assessment and improvement of intelligent manufacturing systems.

The programme will take place in the following places:

  • 3 – 4 July: online
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (10-14 July)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (17 – 21 July)

Summer School fees are:

- Main fee: 800 €
- Students and professionals from EITM partners: 700 €
- Students from the universities belonging to the EITM doctoral school: 500 €
- Professionals from the companies belonging to EITM doctoral school SIC: 500 €
- For women students: 500 €
- Students from the RIS countries: 500 €

*Scientific and Industrial Committee (SIC) members contributing to the Summer School program.

The fee covers access to all digital materials, including lectures and access to online sessions

IMPORTANT: Please note the Summer School fee can be paid either by you or by a sponsor, for instance, your home university, your company, etc. Please make sure to inform your sponsor, since they will sign the acceptance letter together with you. Moreover, you remain liable for the payment, in case the sponsor doesn’t pay for the Summer School fee.

Programme structure

During the two-week Summer School in Bratislava and Prague, being part of the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School, a seven-day Bootcamp will be organized that concentrates on helping PhD students who would like to learn about how to design and develop a business idea that connects with their thesis research, and their professional and personal background.

During the Bootcamp, students will especially focus on design thinking, design research, and related tools and techniques that will empower them to explore a market/business ecosystem where they would like to develop an entrepreneurial project. Special attention will be given to the definition of a potential problem that could be solved in the market that they are exploring, and to the validation of this problem.

The learning messages will not only be useful for PhD students that are following the two-year entrepreneurship program at the EITM Doctoral School but also for all those (external) students that would like to give a boost to their innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities for now and in the future.

The learning objectives are various that students will be immersed with. First of all, participants will meet and connect with students from different nationalities and cultures within and outside Europe, which will create an inspiring and impactful network experience. Not only PhD research experience can be shared and reinforced, but also other insights and experiences on both professional and personal levels.

The main overall learning objective, however, will be the acquisition of an immersive set of innovation skills and competencies, as participants will learn and apply different Market Exploration and Design Research techniques based on Design Thinking innovation methodology.

Students will develop the following skills:

– Entrepreneurship skills and competencies: Learn how to identify, validate and prioritize business problems

– Creativity skills and competencies: think systemically and map different stakeholders in the ecosystem connected to the identified problems. Especially visual design and creative communication and presentation skills will be developed

– Making value judgments and sustainability competencies: Meet and learn from the first-hand experience of startups/ companies, and learn how to value and validate with them

– Leadership skills and competencies: reinforce participant’s leadership skills through teamwork dynamics and co-creative decision-making

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Career opportunities

You will get useful knowledge about smart manufacturing to improve your research capabilities and career opportunities.

Apply now! Year 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
3 Jul 2023
Apply now! Year 2023
Application period has ended
Studies commence
3 Jul 2023
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